Kit Downes Concert – 18 September 20.00u


Kit Downes op 18 September 2021


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Kit Downes is considered one of Britain’s jazz talents and his first organ recording ‘Obsidian’, released on ECM Label, a unique collection of sounds and tones, could only have been made by an improviser with subtle sensibilities. Downes’ first musical activities began as a church organist and in recent years he has been exploring the sound possibilities and peculiarities of the organ, in both melodic and textural improvisations and compositions.
His second record for ECM Records – titled ‘Dreamlife of Debris’ – expands the sound world of his first (‘Obsidian’) to a larger ensemble – with piano and organ (Kit Downes), tenor saxophone (Tom Challenger), cello (Lucy Railton), drums (Seb Rochford) and guitar (Stian Westerhus). It is a watercolor exploration of subjectivity – an intimate response to the tangible, the elements, and a sense of the underground.”
Downes brings a new and very personal approach to an instrument steeped in history and tradition – a tradition he loves, but seeks to explore and abstract.

Sat 18 September 2021, 20.00u
Entrance € 12,50


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